Sustainable Nutrition CD

Eat to support your life.

Future Doc's Sustainable Nutrition 

You are what you eat.   Also, what you drink, think, feel and believe.   Sustainable Nutrition offers practical nutritional advice to support the body’s primary mission, to sustain and maintain health.  The information provided in this informative 90-minute CD is not a diet plan.  Diets start and then stop, frequently with the dieter returning to the habits that put those unwanted pounds on in the first place. The Standard American Diet is SAD: an excessive intake of sugar, carbohydrates and bad fats coupled with an inadequate intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Many in our society suffer from high-calorie malnutrition, taking in calories without the supporting nutrients needed to assimilate those calories. This imbalance is evidenced by the tripling of obesity and diabetes rates in just the last 15 to 20 years.   Yet it is possible to eat your way back to health.  Join James Biddle MD as he provides in-depth information on how the body utilizes the food we eat.  Learn how to calculate your individual optimal protein and carbohydrate intake levels, the difference between good fats and bad fats, and what happens to us when we stray from Nature's Template.  Learn how our subconscious chronic thought patterns ‘feed’ our bodies, as Dr. Biddle also discusses the fascinating link between the environmental signals our belief systems send our bodies and how cell membranes receptors are affected by this 'diet'.

By adopting simple, scientifically-based, and sustainable eating habits, we can decrease the impact of almost every disease imaginable. To view a sample of this title, visit our FutureDoc YouTube channel at

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