About Nutrients etc

With personal service and great value, we provide quality health products which are physician-selected.

Nutrients Etc. fulfills the desire of an Integrative Medical Doctor to provide patients a convenient source for high-quality, trustworthy, effective, and affordable tools for healing, which are now available to all.

“Nutrients” in our name refers to our carefully chosen vitamins and nutritional supplements. “Etc.” includes the many products that support Optimal Health, including air & water filters, skin care and oral hygiene products, rebounders, books, audio & video products, etc.  All products are extensively researched for quality and price, with the final selection made by James Biddle, MD.  Dr. Biddle is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and practices Integrative Medicine utilizing nutritional science.

Our customers appreciate that we have done much of the comparative shopping for them.  Their selection process is easier as they trust us to pick excellent products at a great value.  Our product choices are always evolving as new products are introduced and new research becomes available.

Start shopping now for the best in health products delivered to your door!